Nude Male, 2 Men Standing, drawing, by the Artist Esteban 12 X 19 Charcoal and graphite, ltd print

$56.25 $75.00

Medium: graphite, charcoal
Region of Origin: US
Subject: Nudes

The Art of Esteban

2 Men Standing

Offered an limited edition print of an original drawing on heavy weight archival paper, graphite/charcoal

Dimensions: approximately 12 X 19 inches

From a spectacular drawing, signed, dated, by hand by the artist, Esteban. Esteban is a gay international artist who makes paintings (mostly watercolor) and drawings (mostly pencil, graphite) featuring typically the nude male, and often jocks or hunks, although his work may be portraits of commen men such as farmers (farm themes being a favorite genre of this artist) or the "boy next door". His work has been published internationally, and is in collections world-wide. He is one of 200 artists selected to represent the best of erotic art in the Erotic Arts Society publication "World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" (2007).

This work on paper is a fine example of painting that would be a welcome addition to any art collection. If you are looking for drawings or paintings that celebrate male nudity, check out my auctions frequently, as more will be added each week. The buyer will be purchasing directly from the artist; the artist retains copyright.

Shipping: FREE SHIPPING, U.S., $7.50 Canada, $8.50 Europe and elsewhere. Payment terms: e-checks, and credit cards accepted via Paypal ( is one of the greatest erotic artists working today.

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